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Services Available


Semiconductor Back-End Technical Services

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Software and Firmware Development


Custom Test Set Development

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Product Development

                      Anida Technologies can take your concept from sketches to production.

                      Here are just a few of our previous design projects

                      (Click on small image to see large version):

           [Actual Aerospace Part for Re-Engineering] [3D Model for Aerospace Part] [Simple 3D Model] [Strip Burn-in Socket] [Test Socket] [Exploded Optoelectronic Assembly] [Display Assembly] [Custom Test Socket] [Custom Pin Grid Array Assembly] [Test System] [Custom SIMM Socket] [Custom Test Socket] [Custom Controller] [3D of Custom TestHead] [Photo Image of Testhead] [Custom Socket - Patent Pending]


Prototype and Production Contract Manufacturing

                      Anida Technologies offers real time updated inventory review of your

                      assembly and work in progress through a secured internet site.



Seminars Available

                      Anida Technologies can deliver a prepared techincal seminars involving

                      blueprint reading, geometric dimensioning and tolerances, Design for

                      Manufacturing and Assembly, and DC Electronics for non-electrical engineers.

                      These presentations are independently digitally with and without

                      printed materials. Anida Technologies can customize any of the prepared

                      seminars or develop a totally unique seminar for your company. The seminars

                      can be onsite, at a local hotel, or at the Anida Technologies office.

                                 Download Blueprint Reading Seminar Brochure

                                 Download GD&T Seminar Brochure

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                                 Download DFMA Seminar Brochure

                                 Download DC Electronics for Non-Electrical Engineers Seminar Brochure

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