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Services Available


Semiconductor Back-End Technical Services

                      Download Semiconductor Brochure

                      Download Qualification Brochure


Software and Firmware Development


Custom Test Set Development

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Product Development

                      Anida Technologies can take your concept from sketches to production.

                      Here are just a few of our previous design projects

                      (Click on small image to see large version):

           [Actual Aerospace Part for Re-Engineering] [3D Model for Aerospace Part] [Simple 3D Model] [Strip Burn-in Socket] [Test Socket] [Exploded Optoelectronic Assembly] [Display Assembly] [Custom Test Socket] [Custom Pin Grid Array Assembly] [Test System] [Custom SIMM Socket] [Custom Test Socket] [Custom Controller] [3D of Custom TestHead] [Photo Image of Testhead] [Custom Socket - Patent Pending]


Prototype and Production Contract Manufacturing

                      Anida Technologies offers real time updated inventory review of your

                      assembly and work in progress through a secured internet site.


Products Available


LL Labs BatGuard

                      Anida Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer of this unique

                      LiFePO Battery charging protection device.

                                 Go to LL Labs Website


Curve Tracer Data Presentation 3.0 Software

                      Available since October 2004....currently working on Windows 10 version.

                      Download CTDP Brochure

                      [Click to Show Large Image]


Custom Test Fixture / Socket

                      Available since January 2006, this is a custom test fixture with high

                      temperature injection molded body and aluiminum extrusion lid and

                      latch that can easily be modified to test many off form factor packages.

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Seminars Available

                      Anida Technologies can deliver a prepared techincal seminars involving

                      blueprint reading, geometric dimensioning and tolerances, Design for

                      Manufacturing and Assembly, and DC Electronics for non-electrical engineers.

                      These presentations are independently available on CD-ROM with and without

                      printed materials. Anida Technologies can customize any of the prepared

                      seminars or develop a totally unique seminar for your company. The seminars

                      can be onsite, at a local hotel, or at the Anida Technologies office.

                                 Download Blueprint Reading Seminar Brochure

                                 Download GD&T Seminar Brochure

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                                 Download DFMA Seminar Brochure

                                 Download DC Electronics for Non-Electrical Engineers Seminar Brochure

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